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Together, wine, food, and travel make up three of life's greatest offerings. The Society Blog will feature expert experiences and opinions relating to these delicious topics. Here, we will freely discuss the diverse flavors of food, the inviting culture of wine, the vast nature of travel, and the ultimate experience you get when you combine the three!

The Society
April 4, 2016 | The Society

Seasonal Edible Flowers

Brad Agerter, Chalk Hill Estate’s Garden Guru, collected a sample of blossoms from the garden for us to try – from the photo starting with the bowl on the left and moving clockwise, we have the white blossoms of the Fava Bean plant as well as the purple flowers from the plant, commonly known as Society Garlic.

Fava Blossom
The flavor profile of the Fava Blossom mirrors that of the fava bean itself, making it an excellent addition to a salad mix.

Society Garlic Flower
The Society Garlic Flower has an aroma and taste comparable to garlic and makes an appealing garnish to any dish.

Moving on to the right is one of Brad’s favorites, the white flowers of the Arugula plant. Though not widely known, these flowers are edible, similar to their leafy counterparts.  They share the same nutty and peppery flavors contribute extra flavor and flair to a dish.  

Viola Flowers
Next up, we have the Viola Flowers, otherwise known as Johnny Jump Ups. These delightful little flowers add colorful garnish to any dish and make a charming addition to cocktails.

Periwinkle Borage Blossom
Finally, we have the Periwinkle Borage Blossom. Traditionally cultivated for culinary and medicinal uses, the Borage flower is now commonly used to produce oilseed.  With its zesty cucumber-melon flavor, Borage can be used to flavor and embellish water on warm spring days.

As you see the flowers begin to bloom, remember there are so many edible flower options out there to decorate your plate and excite your taste buds.

Time Posted: Apr 4, 2016 at 8:59 AM