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August 23, 2013 | Events, Wine & Food Pairings | The Society

A Woman's View on Cabernet Sauvignon

I'd like to give my perspective on Cabernet Sauvignon--from the woman's point of view. The myth of women drinking only white wine seems as old-fashioned as fax machines and rotary phones. In the present day of smart phones and social media, today's woman is hip, wine savvy and responsive to new data promoting resveratrol in red wine as beneficial for heart health. Today's woman is as likely to reach for a rich, layered Cabernet Sauvignon as a glass of smooth, oaky Chardonnay.

Red wine is said to be heart-healthy because of the presence of antioxidants--called polyphenols--in red wine that may help protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart, reduce "bad" cholesterol and prevent blood clots. One polyphenol, called resveratrol, has been the focus of this health news.

Even though the health findings need to be confirmed, one fact stands out: according to a recent Nielsen poll, the majority of wine is purchased by women--55% compared to 45% bought by men. In a recent study in California, Cabernet Sauvignon was found to be the most popular wine for both men AND women. As a woman, I'm happy to know that I will be joined by both men and women in enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon--and when we toast to our health--we really mean it!

Our week-long celebration of Cabernet August 26th-30th brings a wealth of information from Foley Food & Wine Society winemakers. Five of our winemakers will be online, holding “virtual” tastings via Google+ Hangouts. Simply order your selection of Cabernet today. Then, sign up for Google+ Hangouts by clicking "RSVP" next to the chats you'd like join and taste along with the winemakers.



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