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Wine Varietals

The strength of a great wine lies within its grapes.

Varietal describes a wine made primarily from a single-named grape variety and which typically is displayed on the wine label. Vitis Vinifera, the common grape vine, is a species of Vitis, native to the Mediterranean region, central Europe and southwestern Asia. The Greeks began cultivation in 3500-3000 BC. "For over 3,000 years man has endeavored to extract greatness from the grape. We're simply carrying on the tradition."

- William Foley II

Cabernet Sauvignon

Kuleto Estate winemaker Giovani Verdejo crafts an intensely rich Cabernet Sauvignon that exemplifies the depth of Napa Valley mountain fruit.



Lincourt creates small-lot bottlings of Chardonnay including one that bears the name of Bill Foley’s mother, Zoula Nunn.



Firestone Chairman Series Merlot is a true illustration of the beauty that is Merlot: ripe, intense and well-structured with lush fruit and dark chocolate.


Pinot Noir

Foley Estates Pinot Noir comes in several styles from old world terroir-driven to the new world fruit-focused, all from two extraordinary Sta. Rita Hills vineyards.


Sauvignon Blanc

Paul Warson of Firestone Vineyard produces an impressively concentrated Sauvignon Blanc that is bright and nuanced with minerals, lemons and fig.



Foley Sonoma is known for Zinfandels that are bold, free-spirited, rich in fruit, and deep in character.