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Vinetalk with Lorna and Richard

Lincourt and Foley Estates

As spring comes to a close and summer is just around the corner, we took a moment to speak with Lorna Kreutz, the new head winemaker for Lincourt and Foley Estates, and vineyard manager Richard Camera to get an update on the progress of the 2014 vintage.

It’s been an ideal growing season with the exception of an intense four day heat spike during the last week of April, but the weather has otherwise been picture perfect. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards for Foley Estate and Lincourt wines have been very busy since late March. The spring activities of shoot thinning and wire moving in order to get the canopy vertical have been completed and the early summer tasks are now underway. The vineyard crew is focusing their attention on leaf removal by hand as well as by machine; during this process, the crew has to determine how much of the canopy needs to be removed in order to give young grapes the mottled sunlight they need for quality and to help prevent mildew.

In addition to leaf removal, the team has been meticulously combing through each row and removing grape clusters they find growing too close together. During this stage, the vines are regularly sprayed to keep mildew from growing on the clusters and the crew continues to mow and cultivate the vineyard rows to prevent weeds from absorbing nutrients intended for the grapes. Most recently, the cluster counts for each vineyard block have been completed which calculates an average number of clusters per vine to determine a crop estimate and how many tons to expect at harvest.  

In the cellar, Lorna and her team have just put the final touches on the 2013 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blends and have finished bottling all the wine for the 2012 vintage. Moving forward, they will begin to prepare for harvest and will continue to monitor the vineyards, gather supplies and are gearing up for veraison, which has started on our Lindsay Courtney East property, staging us for an early harvest.