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Meet theWinemakers

Masters of the chemistry and artistry of making great wines

Winemaking is defined as “The production of wine”. The reality is that there is so much more to winemaking than that. A good winemaker is a farmer, chemist, biologist, geologist, artist and business person and spokesperson all rolled up into one package. A winemaker has to be able to know what they want to do with a wine, but have the knowledge and understanding to be able to make adjustments along the way when Mother Nature throws them a curve.

Lorna Kreutz, Director of WinemakingWe are proud to introduce you to our world-class team of FFWS winemakers. Combined, our winemakers have over 200 years’ experience making some of the world’s best wine. They’ve studied and made wines all over the world – in Bordeaux, Argentina, New Zealand and all over the United States. They are a highly educated, motivated group of winemakers who revel in the blend of art and science that winemaking represents. As an FFWS member, you’ll hear about all of the different ways our winemakers work beginning in the vineyard all the way to when the wine is released for drinking, to bring to you the best possible wines at every price point.


Steve Nelson
Chalk Hill Estates

Dave Frazier

Dave Frazier
Firestone Vineyards
Eos Estate Winery

David Nakaji

Patrick Foley
Foley Johnson

John Clews

John Clews
Merus Wines
Kuleto Estate

Stu Marfell

John Kavanagh
Te Kairanga

Marc Myers
The Four Graces

Lorna Kreutz
Lincourt Vineyards

Holly Turner
Three Rivers Estate

David Drake, Winemaker at Lancaster Estate

David Drake
Lancaster Estate

Gianni Abate, Winemaker at Lancaster Estate

Gianni Abate
Chalone Winery

Courtney Foley
Foley Sonoma

Ryan Aura

Ryan Aura
Foley Estates

John Martin

John Martin
Roth Estate

Walter Jorge

Walter Jorge
Langtry Estate

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