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CellarUpdate with Lorna Kreutz

Foley Estates

Welcome to 2015! We’ve had a wonderful winter season at Foley Estates and are now looking forward to a pleasant start to the New Year.

February is the start of our bottling season. During this time, we will be busy with final blend adjustments, analysis and filtration before bottling. Bottling keeps us very busy as it is an extremely precise process in which every detail must be on point for it to run smoothly. However it’s also an exciting time because it puts us one step closer to sharing the wines, which is one of our favorite parts about winemaking!

Currently in the vineyard, we are in the midst of pruning the vines. The weather is a major factor for us because there are many blocks with clay soil, so rain makes it difficult to get in and out of these blocks. This could potentially delay our pruning efforts, but we definitely won’t complain about the rain!